Saturday, May 31, 2008

Damn that Urban Outfitters

I just don't get Urban outfitters for some of the things they sell in their stores. This past month, UO had to take this tee shirt off of its shelves for its "anti-israel" message:
the tee shows a child terrorist and a Palestinian flag with more Palestinian terrorists in the background. Why would UO think guys would want to wear this? Anyway, I'm also annoyed at UO for opposing a policy that makes sure employees are treated equally in its supplier's factories. Similar human rights policies were adopted by these companies: Gap, H&M, and American Eagle Outfitters. Well now we know that even if a company sells "Obama For Your Mama" shirts, supporting democratic views, it is really an evil corporation in disguise. hmmmm. something to think about before hitting the mall.....
Oh and btw, UO is making more moolah than ever. Ethics people, ethics!! (ok, ok, i admit, i just bought sandals there... but i will think next time before i enter the store since everything tempts me oh so much.)

Thursday, May 29, 2008


For all of you fashionistas out there who love international street style, the books Fruits  and Fresh Fruits are must reads. They are comprised of head to toe pictures taken by Shoichi Aoki of 90's Tokyo street style. These looks really inspired me and i thought i'd share some if you don't already know:

I love the use of bright colors and layering (aka the modern kimono). If only we were more playful with our clothing! Sometimes I feel we take our clothing choices so seriously because we are afraid of gasp! what people will think. Sadly, Tokyo street style is becoming more Americanized and more people are going along with the skinny jeans trend. Its our job to initiate some sort of "Neo-tokyo" style revolution and maybe have more fun getting dressed in the morning for a change.

Here's a tidbit of history for yeh: The reason for Tokyo's fashion phenomenon was partially due to roads that were closed off to cars by the Tokyo Police, allowing teenage pedestrians to mingle. Japanese teens decided to band together and revolt against their strict authorities (especially those in their schools) with this rebellious style of dress. Nowadays, roads are open to cars leaving teens with less areas to hang out, therefore stunting their creativeness and unique style. So sad so sad. 

How are you going to incorporate Tokyo street style into your daily outfits? I'm thinking more layering with knee-length skirts for fall. Bright mismatched fabrics and different textures. Cute charms on bags and colorful socks. I'll take pics of myself in this garb soon enough :)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What's a girl to do when in desperate need of shoes???

She goes shoe shopping of corse! Over memorial day break (which also consisted of senior cut day--yeah i'm so bad ass) I was scouting out shoes that appealed to me which consisted of chunky platforms like these Kork Ease brand sandals:

I got a pair similar to them at my favorite store, Trash and Vaudeville on St. Marks Place in New York City:

aren't they awesome?? anyway, i also needed a pair of sandals but i didn't want to go the gladiator route because i remember buying a pair two years ago. Instead i got these:

I can't wait to break them in!!! I need to get some florally bohemian dresses to wear with the flats that will take me from the end of summer into fall. According to Harper's Bazaar, floral dresses are still in for fall, just as long as the patterns stray away from light pastels. What do you recommend wearing with the 3 inchers? yesterday I bought a pair of highwaisted wideleg jeans for $5 at Urban Outfitters which I will pair with the platforms. Still brainstorming what else i can get away with...

Monday, May 26, 2008


hello all! so, you might be wondering why my  blog's name is called "the experimenter". Well,  im in between fashion phases right now, transitioning from the "punk phase" of black skinny jeans, painted cons, and band tee shirts to a more grown-up nyc vintagy street style you see in the pages of Nylon and Vice magazine. I am no "wannabe" or "poser", i'm just experimenting with a look that is evolving as i am. I currently live in new york and am going as a freshman to binghamton university which excites me to no end. The only problem is that i'll be farther away from my favorite city (NYC of corse--more importantly, soho, east, and greenwich village) and i need to get some really warm (and fashionable!!) clothing since binghamton is very very cold (the university even has underground tunnels when it gets unbearably cold) and i don't handle the cold well. Well Well, looks like i'll have to go shopping!!!

that was just a little about me. now tell me about yourselves! where do you get fashion inspiration from? What vintage stores do you shop at (if you do--some people get kinda grossed out wearing other peoples used clothing)? How do you put outfits together? I want to know!