Thursday, May 29, 2008


For all of you fashionistas out there who love international street style, the books Fruits  and Fresh Fruits are must reads. They are comprised of head to toe pictures taken by Shoichi Aoki of 90's Tokyo street style. These looks really inspired me and i thought i'd share some if you don't already know:

I love the use of bright colors and layering (aka the modern kimono). If only we were more playful with our clothing! Sometimes I feel we take our clothing choices so seriously because we are afraid of gasp! what people will think. Sadly, Tokyo street style is becoming more Americanized and more people are going along with the skinny jeans trend. Its our job to initiate some sort of "Neo-tokyo" style revolution and maybe have more fun getting dressed in the morning for a change.

Here's a tidbit of history for yeh: The reason for Tokyo's fashion phenomenon was partially due to roads that were closed off to cars by the Tokyo Police, allowing teenage pedestrians to mingle. Japanese teens decided to band together and revolt against their strict authorities (especially those in their schools) with this rebellious style of dress. Nowadays, roads are open to cars leaving teens with less areas to hang out, therefore stunting their creativeness and unique style. So sad so sad. 

How are you going to incorporate Tokyo street style into your daily outfits? I'm thinking more layering with knee-length skirts for fall. Bright mismatched fabrics and different textures. Cute charms on bags and colorful socks. I'll take pics of myself in this garb soon enough :)

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Stephanie said...

I LOVE the Fruits books. I wish we had kids dressed like that in the states, too! Maybe we need to block off a couple roads..