Saturday, May 31, 2008

Damn that Urban Outfitters

I just don't get Urban outfitters for some of the things they sell in their stores. This past month, UO had to take this tee shirt off of its shelves for its "anti-israel" message:
the tee shows a child terrorist and a Palestinian flag with more Palestinian terrorists in the background. Why would UO think guys would want to wear this? Anyway, I'm also annoyed at UO for opposing a policy that makes sure employees are treated equally in its supplier's factories. Similar human rights policies were adopted by these companies: Gap, H&M, and American Eagle Outfitters. Well now we know that even if a company sells "Obama For Your Mama" shirts, supporting democratic views, it is really an evil corporation in disguise. hmmmm. something to think about before hitting the mall.....
Oh and btw, UO is making more moolah than ever. Ethics people, ethics!! (ok, ok, i admit, i just bought sandals there... but i will think next time before i enter the store since everything tempts me oh so much.)

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