Monday, May 26, 2008


hello all! so, you might be wondering why my  blog's name is called "the experimenter". Well,  im in between fashion phases right now, transitioning from the "punk phase" of black skinny jeans, painted cons, and band tee shirts to a more grown-up nyc vintagy street style you see in the pages of Nylon and Vice magazine. I am no "wannabe" or "poser", i'm just experimenting with a look that is evolving as i am. I currently live in new york and am going as a freshman to binghamton university which excites me to no end. The only problem is that i'll be farther away from my favorite city (NYC of corse--more importantly, soho, east, and greenwich village) and i need to get some really warm (and fashionable!!) clothing since binghamton is very very cold (the university even has underground tunnels when it gets unbearably cold) and i don't handle the cold well. Well Well, looks like i'll have to go shopping!!!

that was just a little about me. now tell me about yourselves! where do you get fashion inspiration from? What vintage stores do you shop at (if you do--some people get kinda grossed out wearing other peoples used clothing)? How do you put outfits together? I want to know!

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