Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What's a girl to do when in desperate need of shoes???

She goes shoe shopping of corse! Over memorial day break (which also consisted of senior cut day--yeah i'm so bad ass) I was scouting out shoes that appealed to me which consisted of chunky platforms like these Kork Ease brand sandals:

I got a pair similar to them at my favorite store, Trash and Vaudeville on St. Marks Place in New York City:

aren't they awesome?? anyway, i also needed a pair of sandals but i didn't want to go the gladiator route because i remember buying a pair two years ago. Instead i got these:

I can't wait to break them in!!! I need to get some florally bohemian dresses to wear with the flats that will take me from the end of summer into fall. According to Harper's Bazaar, floral dresses are still in for fall, just as long as the patterns stray away from light pastels. What do you recommend wearing with the 3 inchers? yesterday I bought a pair of highwaisted wideleg jeans for $5 at Urban Outfitters which I will pair with the platforms. Still brainstorming what else i can get away with...

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Rollergirl said...

Howdy! Nice blog, I will deffo keep up with your fashion experimentalist adventures. Love those flat sandals, they'd be cute with ankle socks and a flippy floral mini dress. BTW, yes winter florals are gonna be 'key' (as they say). Re the chunky wedges, I'd wear them with supa-skinny black jeans, some sort of black loose vest (tank) and some beatnik-y black rectangle shades. High-waist flares are OK but...kind of EVERYWHERE at the moment!

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